Have you ever wondered what the ideal size of your penis should be? If you could attain the peak of sexual satisfaction? And how long you could last with your condition?

Conditions being referred include SPS – Small Penis Syndrome, diabetes, colon cancer, prostate cancer post-surgery, and depression.

Due to these conditions you might have associated anxiety, a self-consciousness that affects your sexual functioning. This functioning is the poor flow of blood to your sexual organ.

This results in weak erections, orgasms, and lack of sexual stamina.

What’s interesting about this?

Well, we know that SPS is not reflective of actual penis size. This has even been backed up by a review by medical news today, which has identified fear over penis size as to cause of sexual dysfunction.

Other symptoms include a lack of confidence in a sexual relationship and hampered sexual functioning that result in an unhealthy sexual life.

If these symptoms don’t seem natural to you, we are here to help you circumvent it all, by getting you to the point of a great sexual lifestyle.

Is that even possible? You might wonder. Yes, it is. However, only for those who make the efforts, we are talking about. The results we are talking about includes:

  • An enlarged penis size that clears out any feeling of fear or anxiety, with no risk.


  • Improved sexual stamina, that gives you and your partner the satisfaction you seek.


  • Harder erections with a long time that will amaze you.

Furthermore, to be clear, we are talking about “penis pumps”, not “penis extenders”. If the goal is to have an elongated penis in its flaccid state, then, by all means, go for the penis extenders. However, be prepared for the pain that comes it all and the ineffectiveness of it all.

Penis pumps are simply readily available pumps used to create negative pressures that allow greater blood flow into the tissues in your sexual organ. This mechanism is aimed at giving you the best erections you could ever imagine.

On regular use of the pump, your organs should grow bigger in girth, length, or give better long-lasting erections.

Are Penis pumps even safe or that effective?

Well, our answer would be “yes and no”. No! Based on safety reasons, the popularized vacuum penis pumps function on air-based tech is not as safe as it poses to you. We are not just giving a mere proclamation, but one based on side effects, observed by Mayo clinic.

Some associated side effects the common penis pump are:

  • Risk of bruising penis via uncontrolled pressure.
  • Petechiae: under the surface bleeding of the penis skin.
  • Numbness of the sexual organ
  • Trapped semen flow.
  • Awkward-feeling of an erection that seems unnatural with the penis limpid at the end.

Does this mean that other non-invasive devices like penis extenders are effective and safe? Well, that will be a no. An NIH research has affirmed penis extenders as not being effective, but only providing psychological satisfaction for men.

Why not just give up then?

Not on our watch! Penis pumps have been given a yes on their effectiveness if used correctly. Another NIH research has affirmed general non-invasive techniques of penile elongation as the best-first line option for men seeking penis enlargement.

Penis pump comes recommended by Mayo clinic, as a great and effective option for erectile dysfunction, if used correctly.

WebMD crowned it all, by identifying the penis pump technique to help at a rate of 50% to 80% satisfaction, especially for erectile dysfunction.

With all these positive effects, we decided to look for a balance on a technology that will do the following:


  • Harness the positive effects of penis pumps as highlighted by the Mayo clinic.


  • Precludes the nasty side effects that come with air-based penis pumps.

What’s the unique disposition of penis pump to other techniques?

Firstly, we want you to keep in mind that there are tonnes of ways that lead to building confidence in your sexual life. They are classified into two.


  • Surgical penis enlargement techniques, one that requires you to overcome the fear of a sharp object next to your penis. This technique can leave you with horrified with unbelievable complication, to be honest.

There are 2 types involved.

  1. Penile lengthening, which involves the severing of a ligament responsible for the penis erection. The risk to this is the tendency of you becoming limpid at odd times.


  1. Penile girth, which involves fat injection only gives a short-lived result. The risk of this is the loss of sensation over time, with the absorption of fat by your body.


  • Non-surgical methods

  • Penis weights:This is quite dangerous and is only for the brave who are not afraid to attach metal bars to their organ. There’s a risk of tissue damage, leaving you with more than you bargained for. Plus the results will take months to be visible.


  • Penile extenders: With the NIH research, it obvious the torture that will come with this technique. This isn’t effective and its result is quite myopic; a bigger flaccid penis rather than a bigger erection girth and length.


  • Penis pumps: All the above tools aiming at either of the specific goals; penis enlargement in girth, length, and hardness. A penis pump has the greatest competitive advantage; to give you all-in-one, but some can be specific.

Here are the unique dispositions of a penis pump, as endorsed by Mayo clinic:

  • Equal effectiveness and even more compared to other techniques: We talking penis enlargement, and harder erections.


  • Less risk involved: Among erection dysfunction treatments, Penis pump poses less risk than others.


  • Lower cost: The only cost involves the purchase of the device, after which there’s none more.


  • Eases co-administration with other treatments or exercise: This may include penile implants, medications, and exercises.


  • Eliminates fear: The idea of penis pump being non-invasive (surgical, penile injection or insertion) will give you relief.


  • Medical recovery: Penis pump can of great help to individuals recovering from surgical operations that have affected their erection.

Criteria for our choice of Penis Pump

We did say penis pumps are readily available in the market. By this, we mean that you could walk into a store and get bedazzled with tonnes of penis pumps all claiming to do the same thing – increase the size of your sexual organ.

You might be wondering already what criteria we used to make our selection on the best penis pump of the year for you.

Well, let’s begin by highlighting that there are different ways to achieve the four basic criteria we thought on before we began our search. These criteria were:

  • Penis enlargement: one that is customized for different penis sizes fron 3 centimeters to more than 9 centimeters.


  • Improves performance on sexual stamina and is combinable with several helathy exercises.


  • Improves erections with long-lasting sex durations.


  • Most important of all INNOVATIVE: this means the old-fashioned air-based vacuum device had to be extant.

With these, we began our search. While in search we kept this in mind, penis size is not the only worry when it comes to sex.

The feeling of dissatisfaction, can come from low sexual stamina and having a weak or completely absent erection. We decided to base our search on penis pumps that can help meet these needs all-in-one while helping you save up on cost!

However, the search was tedious because most penis pumps are specifics-based penis pumps, that promises to either increase the girth, length or give better erections.

We did the following:

  • Check out more than 70 penis pumps in the market known for their ease of use (one that does not leave you in pain after each use).


  • We strokeout penis pumps still under evaluation and had not been clicnically proven to be safe, or are yet to be.


  • We noted those that wereclose to meeting at least 3 of our criteria, with the innovation criteria compulsory. That is, those penis pumps with that met atleast 2 criterias with the compulsive inclusion of being innovative.


  • We went all out for the innovative products. We believe that with these criteria, only manufacturers who have your interest in mind will go the extra mile. Not just producing redundant products for the sake of profit-making.


We found none at the end of it all. Just kidding! We found a product that incorporated the use of patented hydro-based technology, eliminating several risks in its track to meeting all our criteria.


Bathmate is a market brand with a patented hydro pump invention that offers great value of the all-in-one penis pump compared to other penis pumps. We abbreviated this value as SEE- Stamina, Enlargement, and Erection.

With over 90 percent customer satisfaction, the largest enlargement result is about 12 centimeters and the average enlargement size is at about 6 to 7 centimeters.

So far since their discovery, there have been more than a million orders of their products. Bathmate is the authentic innovators of the penis pump industry!

Interestingly, this hydro pump tech has been medically proven to work before patent rights, and clinically safety approved by the Aspen Clinical Research, for use in the pubic area and on the skin.

With most pumps readily available as vacuum air pumps, Bathmate stole the show with its innovation more than a decade ago, leaving others to try catch-up.

With this, Bathmate does offer a lot more than you bargain for positively, it makes the complete man out of you!

How Bathmate works

There’s a lot to expect from Bathmate hydro pump, but here are the consistent ones to hold on to:


  • Greater sexual stamina.


  • An improving penis length, where the first observation within the first three months is more than 1.5 inches. A typical 30 percent increase in your penis girth, with a frequency of 3 to 5 times of 15 minutes per week.


  • A firmer and healthier libido, that leaves you and your partner amazed.


  • An improvent with erectile dysfunction and penile curvature seen with a boost of your libido.


  • With the new features of Bathmate to the market, its safety and 100 percent reliability are assured for uniform performance. On the condition that you ensure to make your purchases only from the right dealers, there are fake ones out there.


  • Ease in practicality. The bathmate hydro pump can be used in showers, bathtubs or any appropriate environ with water.


  • Constantly improved hydro pump device series, with lots of models to choose from and a definite match for your penis no matter the size.


  • A great warranty of 2 years and a guarantee of money back with the first 60 days, with no questions asked.

Impressive right! Now to how Bathmate does its magic. By this, we will first have to understand the makeup of the penis and what leads to an erection.

The penis is made of two sponge-like columns, which make up the three erectile tissues. The Corpora cavernosa (the larger column), which is two and the Corpus spongiosum (the smaller coumn of one), situated around the urethra for urine and sperm discharge.

These erectile tissues are in turn made of blood vessels (arteries), muscular and dense connective tissues. These components control the maximum growth of a penis.

Moreso, when sexually excited, special mechanisms that involve the sensitivity of the nerves, relaxation of the blood vessels and muscles enables rapid blood flow. The spongy tissues are filled up with blood quickly, reaching an erect state.

This mechanism is what the Bathmate pump is designed to enhance. It enhances the ability of the connective tissues to expand and grow.

Bathmate pump gives a hydraulic pump pressure around the penis. With the negative pressure given, it draws blood flow into the sponge-like connective tissues of the penis until they are filled up to a hard erection. In this process, the water pressure maintains the flow for the period of use and gives a uniformly painless stretch to the penile tissues.

Eventually, with the regular use of the Bathmate pump, the connective tissues and erectile columns expand. This helps promote cell growth and divisions into more tissues within the penis.

The particular expansion of the Corpus cavernosa (large column), results in a definite increase in the penis size. These gowth meets the increasing demand of the new cells and tissues formed within the penile area.

Let’s get on to what Bathmate hydro pump products are available, to maximize the awesome benefits it offers.

Bathmate types

Bathmate hydro pump comes in three amazing categories with series in each category. The categories are:


  • Bathmate Hydro7
  • Bathmate Hydromax series
  • Bathmate HydroXtreme series

These categories are based on the erect penile size before penis pump use, and suction power required to bring you to full erection. We are aware this differs for different individuals. Thus, the power hold of each hydro pump type significantly.

  • Bathmate Hydro7

This hydro pump is perfect for first-timers with a penile length of up to 19 centimeters (between 5 and 7 inches on full erection), with a width of 2 inches.

This gives room for 1.5 inches growth. With a start with the Bathmate hydro7, you cna be sure to get real value for youe investment.

Presently in a single model, the Bathmate hydro7 is offered for $110.

To get more power after observed penile growth, you can upgrade to the Bathmate Hydromax series.

  • Bathmate Hydromax Series

This high power pump is designed in four models to meet your demands as an intermediate user if this is not your first experience with the Bathmate penis pump.

AT 35 percent more power than the Bathmate Hydro7, the pressure provided is ideal for a penis length of 23 centimeters (between 3 inches to 9 inches).

These series comes with a Bellow system that gives a soft contact with the penis base and testicles. A Swivel bellow attribute enables ease of 360 degrees rotation for a better view of the transparent chamber. This aldo gives a suitable angle for ease in the bathroom.

Here are the model with their erect penile size requirement and the available room for growth:

Bathmate Hydromax5

This device model takes penile size for 3 to 5 inches with a width of 1 ¾ inch and a growth room for 1.5 inches. Thic comes at an offer of $139.

The 2019 model of Hydromax5 carters for a penis size of up to 3 inches to 5 inches. Thus, this model houses the Bathmate Hydromax3.

Bathmate Hydromax7

HydroXtreme7 is brought to you by Bathmate – you will find that Bathmate is the No1 seller worldwide when it comes to Penis Pumps. And there is a reason why; their Hydropumps, boasting a unique, water-based system, have been used by more than one million users – and 85% have reported real, tangible results!

What Exactly Does HydroXtreme7 Promises To Do For You?

  • Aid You To Kill In The Bedroom
  • Offer Lasting Improvement For Your Penis Size
  • Boost The Strength Of Your Erections

All you need to do is use your HydroXtreme vacuum pump for 10 to 15 minutes per day, and 5 minutes during your exercise sessions – you will be amazed by the results, along with its ease of use and how comfortable it feels!

Tell Me About The Downside!

There’s not much to say here, really. HydroXtreme7 is suitable for users measuring 5 to 7 inches (if you are girthier, you can get the HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy), it features a new, advanced Handball Pump and Shower Strap for ultimate comfort, and it comes in a discreet packaging, with a range of accessories that will help you get the 100% out of your every pump!

It costs $299 – but keep in mind that it comes with a Money Back Guarantee AND  a 2-year Warranty as well. What’s more, each pump has been through a series of tests to ensure both its safety – AND its longevity!

Final Words: HydroXtreme7 by Bathmate is officially the best penis pumping system there is right now. It can seriously up your sex game, offer you lasting results, and send your confidence through the roof. Just make sure to get it from their official website, because there are a lot (and we mean A LOT) knock-offs out there: Read More

Bathmate Hydromax9

This device model takes penile size for 7 to 9 inches with a width of 2 ¼ inches and a growth room for 1.5 inches. This comes at an offer of $199. This model comes required if you have a large penis that requires more power for erection.

Bathmate HydroXtreme Series

Wow! this is a set of the most powerful hydro pump offered by Bathmate in the market. This superior pump creates 35 percent more power than its predecessor.

It comes with a full package of Bathmate hydro pump accessories. It has five models, all classified to meet the penile size. The power level is equal for all models in the Bathmate HydroXtreme Series.

Bathmate HydroXtreme5:

It is ideal for a penile length of up to 5 inches and comes for $249.

Bathmate HydroXtreme7

HydroXtreme7 is brought to you by Bathmate – you will find that Bathmate is the No1 seller worldwide when it comes to Penis Pumps. And there is a reason why; their Hydropumps, boasting a unique, water-based system, have been used by more than one million users – and 85% have reported real, tangible results!

What Exactly Does HydroXtreme7 Promises To Do For You?

  • Aid You To Kill In The Bedroom
  • Offer Lasting Improvement For Your Penis Size
  • Boost The Strength Of Your Erections

All you need to do is use your HydroXtreme vacuum pump for 10 to 15 minutes per day, and 5 minutes during your exercise sessions – you will be amazed by the results, along with its ease of use and how comfortable it feels!

Tell Me About The Downside!

There’s not much to say here, really. HydroXtreme7 is suitable for users measuring 5 to 7 inches (if you are girthier, you can get the HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy), it features a new, advanced Handball Pump and Shower Strap for ultimate comfort, and it comes in a discreet packaging, with a range of accessories that will help you get the 100% out of your every pump!

It costs $299 – but keep in mind that it comes with a Money Back Guarantee AND  a 2-year Warranty as well. What’s more, each pump has been through a series of tests to ensure both its safety – AND its longevity!

Final Words: HydroXtreme7 by Bathmate is officially the best penis pumping system there is right now. It can seriously up your sex game, offer you lasting results, and send your confidence through the roof. Just make sure to get it from their official website, because there are a lot (and we mean A LOT) knock-offs out there

Bathmate HydroXtreme9

Having used other sizes, this model becomes ideal for you if you at 7 to 9 inches in penile size. It comes for $349.

Bathmate HydroXtreme11

The largest offer of Bathmate hydro pump. It comes for $399 for you if you are more than 9 inches in penile size.

All Bathmate products come with a graduated rule that shows penile length when the penis is inserted into the water-filled pump. They also have a valve

Have a go on how to use any of these Bathmate Hydro pumps!

How to use Bathmate

With Bathmate, you can use its water based devices in showers, bathtubs and any place appropriate with water readily available for use. Here is how to use it:


  • Choosing Penis pump: By now you, of course, know that random picking any of the Bathmate hydro pumps, will just be a wrong move. You should, however, only make a purchase based on the prescribed size by your physician concerning the instructions of the product manufacturer

There are size charts available for use online, it is adviced that you take measurements (lenght and width) at full erection.

  • Shave off pubic hairs to prevent any entanglement during use.


  • Relax in the shower or bathtub for about 5 – 10 minutes with warm water.


  • Fill up the chamber of the pump with warm water, while keeping a finger on the valve. Ensure the pressure valve is pressed in.


  • Insert your penis into the pump with the chamber facing down and form a tight seal between your body and the pump.


  • Ensure the pump is pushed in the direction of your pubic bone. To validate this, you will notice that water is ejected from the valve and a pseudo erection occurs with the penis hold erect in the tube.


  • Hold the process in for 5 minutes. This should be done for a total of 15 minutes at about 3 intervals in a shower session.


  • When done, compress the main valve to safely release the pressure and remove the pump

Side effects of Bathmate use

There have been no observed side effects to the use of the Bathmate hydro pump, except when used incorrectly.

However, certain you are not to use the pump without the knowledge of your physician, if you fall within these categories below:

  • Recently undergone surgery in the pubic region.
  • On medication with blood thinners.
  • Bleeding disorder or any that makes you susceptible to Priapism, such as leukemia and sickle cell anemia.

And here are the strong reasons, you should only use a penis pump with the prescription of a physician, who is aware of your health status.

Hydromax7 wideboy

The wide boy is just what I needed. I ordered the plain hydromax 7. It was too small for me though I used the size calculator. Then I went to the wide boy. Perfect! I now have plenty of room to expand my girth. Follow the instructions! The first part of the session seems to help in length. Then massage for about two minutes. Complete the second part of the session. That helps in the girth-thats what it’s doing for me anyway.
If you’ve been using pumps for a while and the calculator doesn’t recommend the wideboy u might consider getting that instead of the “normal” pump. My girth is so much larger under vacuum than during an erection, possibly from already using a pump. If that your situation consider the wide boy! Great pump!!!

Paul H. (United States)

Consistency is key

Hydromaxx is the right tool for a temporary boost or a long term change. The change you are looking for only comes with consistency. I find myself feeling more confident as long as I can get at least one session in a day, two to three is ideal, but 1 will keep the confidence up and you tuff guy ready to spring into action.

Joey W. (United States)


The good side of Bathmate Hydromax.

Different people have different penis sizes. But the main thing is to satisfy the partner. Bathmate Hydromax is working for this, its main purpose is to satisfy in sex life.

The pump increases the size of the penis. Increasing the penis size can give a man confidence. This is also a solution to Erectile dysfunction (ED). It gives a quick solution to Erectile Dysfunction. It improves erection strength and stamina. After started pumping, the pressure applied to the penis excites the penile muscle and you can get harder erections. This will give more satisfaction to your sex life. Proper using the Bathmate Hydromax improves sex life.

Bathmate Hydromax improved overall health and confidence. To improve health, you need a good and satisfying sex life. Bathmate Hydromax offers you the solution to good sex life. It increases sex satisfaction and gives you a good, healthy and confident life. It removes the tension of intercourse and gives pleasure in intercourse.


The bad side of Bathmate Hydromax.

Bathmate Hydromax pump use water instead of air. So, it is much safer than any other pump in the market. But you should use the pump safely. overusing the pump can cause some discomfort. Using too much pressure or over-pumping causes light bruising, small red dots, fluid retention. If you face these issues while or after pumping, you should stop using them for some days. You should also use less pressure on the pump while using it.

  • Light bruising.
  • Small red dots.
  • Fluid retention.


Benefits of Bathmate Hydromax.

It is safer than any other pump in the market. Warm water is used in the pump. This warm water helps the blood flow. It also helps skin expansion. Water is used as lubrication to the penis which helps to move the penis easily. The pressure remains constant. The negative pressure remains within safe limits.

Bathmate Hydromax is safe. It can use with one hand. It can be removed easily and safely. The pump gives satisfaction in sex which helps a man to be healthy and confident. It increases the penis size, which gives confidence before intercourse. It also gives a strong erection to improve sexual satisfaction.

  • Increase penis size and strong erection.
  • Solution for erectile dysfunctions.
  • Safe and can easily be used.
  • Used warm water instead of air.
  • Water is used as lubrication.

Bathmate Hydromax scam or not?

After launching the Bathmate Hydromax pump, it became popular. It used warm water instead of air. And that makes it different from other penis pumps. It is safer than other penis pumps in the market. So, it becomes popular with people quickly. It is being sold a million units to the people.

This pump truly works. It increases the penis size and strong the erection. It gives satisfaction in intercourse. Millions of people are using it and they are satisfied. So, if you want you can buy it. And this is not a scam, it works. But you have to use it more carefully. You shouldn’t overuse it. Otherwise, you can face some side effects.

If you have Erectile Dysfunctions (ED), then it is the solution to your problem. It can give you strength and boost up your confidence. you will get satisfied in your sex life. Bathmate Hydromax is not a scam and it works very fine. people are buying the Bathmate Hydromax series pump and they are fully satisfied.

Frequency of Bathmate use

To achieve maximum results, it is recommended that the hydro pump be used not more than once a day. This should be at 3-5 times a week for about 15 minutes.

Alternative Penis Pump

#. Penomet

Our second place is saved for Penomet, the industry’s ONLY certified vacuum pump! It is a one-of-a-kind, potent, and proven method of penis growth – in other words, it is a super effective, easy-to-use, fully-

functional water-assisted pump! It can help you achieve results only with 15 minutes of use per day; you may see your member get bigger by up to 3 inches and thicker by up to 30%!

How Can Penomet Help You Become A Sex Lord?

  • Significantly Improve The Quality Of Your Erections
  • Decrease & Prevent ED And Premature Ejaculation
  • Reverse Effects Of Peyronie’s Disease
  • Increase Your Sexual Stamina

What makes it different from all the other pumps?

That it boasts a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE interchangeable Gaiter System, which allows you to fully control and increase the pressure you apply while enlarging your penis. To cut a long story short, the process is scalable, and it offers you incredible flexibility, get it?

Anything Else I Should Know?

There are no side effects if that’s what you’re thinking. However, you should be aware that there are three different Penomet Packages available. Premium, at $297, Extreme, at $197, and Standard, at $127. The difference is that the Premium Package comes with a 60-65-70-75 and 80ExtremeForce Gaiter, the Extreme Package comes with a 65-70-75 Gaiter, while the Standard comes with a 70 Gaiter. ALL THREE PACKAGES feature a Version 3.0 Penomet Pump, a Digital Exercise Guide Handbook, a Printed Instruction Booklet – discreetly packaged and delivered to you!

Final Words: Penomet is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to score a lot better between the sheets. The best part is that they offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee AND a 3-Year Warranty – so what’s to keep you from checking how beautifully your member can grow? Check it out here

#.VaxAid V30

Last, but certainly not least on our list, comes VaxAid V30. This Super Deluxe Vacuum Pump System is just the thing you need to make your sex life skyrocket and your partner happier than ever!

The VaxAid’s V30 Help In Your Love Life!

  • Enjoy Long-Term Effects
  • Stubborn, Intense Erections
  • Gradual Penis Enlargement

The VaxAid V30 offers a comfy seal on the pelvic seat, while water takes the place of a lubricant and has a nice cushioning effect. The flow of blood in the penis increases, which firstly expands erectile tissue for a strong erection, and secondly helps oxygen and nutrients to reach and feed muscles, cells, and fibers.

The Deluxe Package of VaxAid costs $239 and it features: all the accessories you will need for your… pumping endeavors, plus a discreet carry case, a towel, a Medical Grade lubricant, a cleaning foam brush, a DVD with instructions, and a manual guide as well!

Final Words: VaxAid V30 is another great choice, like every single one on that list (see below for details on our ranking system) for those who wish to see significant differences on their penis’ size and their erections’ endurance! Give it a try on this link

6+1 Things You MUST Know About Penis Pumps!

  • How Does A Penis Pump Work?

Mainly it removes the air from the tube that surrounds your member, thus causing intense blood flow and an almost immediate erection.

  • Why Do Men Use Penis Pumps?

There are several reasons why thousands of men choose to use Penis Pumps. From moderate erectile dysfunction to upping their size, men all over the world love the results they see. Some use it as a regular means to keep their penis thick and strong, others as part of their foreplay – each to their own, as they say!

  • Do I Need To Use My Penis Pump Regularly?

You don’t need to do anything, the frequency suggested by each manufacturer is simply to help you achieve the best possible results with their product. However, it is up to you to keep the pumping pace that your penis needs.

  • Are There Any Side Effects To Using Penis Pumps?

If you handle your vacuum pumping device carefully, and as per the manufacturer’s instructions, there are very few to none side effects. If you overdo it, or if you use extra force while pumping it may end up in some bruises or even a possible injury, so you need to be cautious and follow the instructions you are given to make sure you are using it safely.

  • What Should I Look For When Choosing A Pump?

The two most important things you need to consider are the tube’s and the seal ring’s size. Especially when it comes to the seal ring, it should fit nicely around your penis’ base – not too tight, not too lose, just comfortable enough. Also, you should check what kind of extra accessories, support, and guidelines are included in the package you will get.

  • Why Not Choose A Different Method Of Penis Enlargement?

As we said, there are several other methods that you could use to see your penis grow stronger and more powerful. However, penis pumps are right there in the middle; you will not be using any drugs or chemicals, neither going into surgery (which can be both painful, and dangerous). Even if you aren’t INCREDIBLY impressed by the results, however, you will certainly notice differences – and in a safe, harmless way!

How Did We Pick Our Top  Penis Pumps?

When you delve into such sensitive subjects, there’s only one way you can be certain that you have done the best possible work on choosing your suggestions: research, research, and a bit more – you guessed it – research!

Via blogs, Amazon reviews, articles, and testimonies, we give our best in order to cherry-pick the products that stand out and will give you the maximum results at the best possible prices.

What we mean to say is that our criteria for this list have been a) the companies’ credibility, b) the product’s price, and c) the customers’ satisfaction. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that:

  • Specific results are due to a mix of contributing factors, and results may vary between individual bodies.

You should always consult with your doctor before using penis enlargement equipment, in case there is any reason in your medical records that would prohibit you to use it.

Our Last Thoughts!

All in all, penis pumps are a safe, practical, and, based on the testimonies of several thousand buyers around the world, efficient way achieving a satisfactory, flame-inducing sex life, by giving your buddy a significant size boost.

After extended research, we have brought before you the five BEST Penis Pump Vacuum kits and have carefully laid their individual features and benefits.

. People are satisfied after using the product. Many people are 100% satisfied by using the penis pump.

  • Increase penis size and strength.
  • Cure of erectile dysfunctions.
  • Best penis pump in the market.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • It helps to satisfy in intercourse.

They are all exceptional choices, however, HydroXtreme7 by Bathmate is standing comfortably on the top of our list as it combines exquisite, tangible results with a value-for-money price – so, if you’re ready to start pumpin’ and rockin’ your bed, simply click here to get it!