Instant Knockout Cut – Brand Overview

Instant Knockout has been powering professional athletes since 2014. Helping them fight their way to the top of sport through providing effective, natural and trustworthy products to fuel performance.

How Instant Knockout Cut Works:

Total Weight Management

– Weight loss support for pro athletes, now available to you.
– Appetite suppressant to cut snacking.
– High quality, all natural ingredients, for a safe fat loss journey.

Cutting Weight

– Superior 2.0 Cut Above jitter-free formula.
– Fuels energy levels for an intense workout.
– Thermogenic properties activate a whole body burn.

Powering Pro Athletes

– Used by champion Pro Athletes since 2014.
– Recommended by Pro Athlete coaches.
– You know exactly what ingredients are in Cut, so you can trust that they are safe for both sport and fitness use.

Key Messages

  • Superior – Cut uses a Superior 2.0 Cut Above formula. Exhaustively researched and developed over 6 years to maximise your weight management plan.
  • Smart – It contains glucomannan, a natural fibre which stops hunger cravings, making it even easier to meet your weight loss targets.
  • Powerful – Want to fuel up like the pro’s? Cut includes a Smart Caffeine formula, meaning a clean caffeine boost with no crash.
  • Thermogenic – Really feel the burn and hit your weight targets with the thermogenic properties of cayenne pepper and black pepper extract.
  • Renowned – Used, trusted and recommended by pro athletes, world champions and top sport coaches since 2014.
  • Natural – All Cut ingredients are high quality, all natural, clinically backed and created from sustainable sources.
  • Transparent – Any ingredients used are scientifically backed as safe for you, and proprietary blends are never used.