Sex is one of the basic needs of a man. When a man suffers from sexual weakness, he becomes anxious.  This time it becomes a cause for him. From an early age, people have been trying to overcome this problem. As a result, nowadays numerous methods are helping a weak man to be stronger.

Among plastic surgery, silicone surgery, sex-enhancing pills, athletically exercise are some of the major effective ways. Among all the methods taking sexual pills is safer because it does not give any harmful effect and cost the minimum.

If you want to know what is the best pill for improving your sexual ability the name Male Extra is waiting for your response. This article is going to describe to you its working process,active ingredients, benefits, and any bad side of, purchasing process will it peovide permanent results or not.

Male extra results permanent or not

You’ll see a notable difference in your erect penis size only. These results will last only as long as you retain taking the merchandise .The great news is male extra works awesome with senior citizens. If you want to know more please read my personal review below.

What Is Male extra

Male extra is a male power-enhancing pill that allows a man to enlarge his penis size and thicken it without any surgery or physical exercise.

In this process, you will not need to shed any drop of blood. It also improves other related sexual conditions such as libido, erection. Using it regularly a man can have improved libido. The feeling of libido encourages a man to have sex with his partner.

If the level of libido goes down, he does not feel sexual attraction to her lady. This is a very bad situation. To improve this situation this pill is very effective. On the other hand, a man can not satisfy his lady with a tiny penis. If he wants to satisfy him, he must need a larger penis with a stronger and harder erection.

  • Enlarging the penis size.
  • Strengthening the erection like hard rock.

How Male Extra Works?

The general process of most sex power enhancing pills is to relax the muscles and tissues in the penile area. When the tissues and muscles become relaxed an increased amount of blood can enter the penile with more oxygen.

This enables the sexual reaction to take place with more intensity. In this way, Male Extra starts its working. The compounds present in its chemical structure provide necessary chemical agents and compounds that help to extract more amounts of testosterone and other sexual enzymes and hormones.

These hormones engage reaction to facilitate stronger and harder erections. When the pill starts to enlarge your penis size with more hardness you need to eat more useful foods like protein, vitamins, etc. The extra supply of food with the supplement makes gear to the enlarging process.

  • Relax muscles and tissues in the penile area.
  • Allow increase amount of blood flow.
  • Produce testosterone hormone to an increased amount.
  • Producing sex hormone-based organic reaction.

How To Take Male Extra For permanent results ?

The manufacturer recommends taking it two times a day. Some people think that taking the pill three times a day may accelerate their improvement of sexual ability. Sorry to inform you that the thinking is not good enough. Because enlarging your penis it needs minimum time.

You should wait for a minimum of enough time for the pill to work effectively. That is why taking the pill two times per day is the best dosing system.

This process does not slow the process but it gives an optimal result within the minimum time. There are three different dosage duration that you can choose any of them depending on your need.

  • Long-range: The dosage continues up to 12 months.
  • Mid-Range: This is a 6 months long dosage.
  • Short-range: This is a startup package with a 1-3 months dosage.

Male Extra Good Side And Bad Side 

This is a medicine made of natural chemical compounds. That is why it is acceptable by most doctors and people. Sexually weak people want to have quick solutions to their irritating problems.

For the people, this is one of the best solutions because it gives a faster reaction and result. Most of the medicines have a similar bad side that is the side effects. It is one of the major good sides that sex pill does not give any harmful side effect.

The man who uses it will remain sexually healthy till the chemical compounds of the medicine stay inside the body. When the compound finishes from the body a patient will gradually start losing his strong sexual ability.

  • All the ingredients are naturally organic.
  • Use of extract of herbs and plants.
    Causes no harmful reaction.
  • Gives side-effect-free successful result.
  • Taking dosage along with alcohol or smoking may give several side effects.

Male Extra Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of medicine is giving faster reactions for improving the poor sexual condition of a man. As this is made of natural chemical ingredients it is friendly for human health.

It gives an only natural reaction to improve sexual power suitable future health. So, after using the pill a man becomes sexually powerful with a stronger and larger penis and he remains healthy without any measure bad effect.

The manufacture provides a hundred days money guarantee offer. If anybody does not get satisfied with the result of the pill, he will get a refund of the products purchased.

  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Full free shipment.
  • Free erection gel.
  • There is no chance of scam.

Male Extra Ingredients

Male extra is 100% organic. So, all the ingredients used to make it natural. The manufacturer has claimed that they have researched different natural ingredients that are effective for sexual improvement for a man.

From the large range, they have only chosen the best ingredients that are most effective for people’s health. Pomegranate, cordyceps, zinc, niacin, L-Methionine are Some of the major ingredients giving the main reactions in the sexual limb.


it is nothing but vitamin B3. It helps to relax the muscle in the penile area. Erection quality and duration increase with its application.


Full sexual improvement proper nutrition is a must. Zinc is one of the best compounds for nutrition. It assures better nutrition by promoting the digestive system.

Maca Root

Maca root comes from the maca plant. Its organic extract is used for increasing the level of libido.


This is the name of the old Chinese Herb. From an early age, it has been used for increasing the production of testosterone hormone. This hormone is most important for increasing sexual ability.

Male Extra Side Effects 

The ingredients used for making the pill cordyceps, maca root, zinc, niacin, etc. All are naturally organic chemicals. These chemicals are friendly for Organic reactions for sexual improvement.

As this pill gives only the organic reaction it is free from any kind of side effects. But for a man who drinks alcohol may have a different result. Excess amount of smoking and drinking alcohol leads to hampering of health.

In this case, it may lead to the ineffectiveness of the medicine and some minor effects due to its application. If you want to take the dosage along with alcohol you must need to consult with a doctor.

How Much Does Male Extra Cost?

One bottle of the pill contains a total of 90 capsules. If you want to take 3 pills per day you will need one bottle for a one-month dosage, three bottles for 3 months dosage, and 6 bottles for 6 months of dosage. # months dosage duration is the most ideal and frequently recommended by the doctors. The doctors also recommend taking the pill only two times a day.

  • For a month of dosage one bottle cost only 65 dollars.
  • For 6 months of dosage 6 bottles cost only 250 dollars only with 2 packets of free erection gel.
  • For 12 months of dosage will cost up to 400 dollars only with 4 packets of free erection gel.

Scam Or Not

The manufacturing company is offering several packets of erection gel freely with the special packages. Again, it also gives the opportunity of free shipment. If anyone does not feel satisfied or does not get the expected result, he can refund the money because of the money-back guarantee policy by the company.

All these business policies reveal that the company is very much confident with its product. Moreover, you can find easily a lot of reviews about the product on the websites.

There are both positive and negative reviews and feedback. Most of the reviews rate the product as good or better than many sexes improving pill.


1.How do I use Male Extra?

Answer-Just take three capsules every day with your breakfast or another meal, and enjoy bigger, harder erections 

2.How fast can I expect to see results?

Answer- You will start seeing results within the first few weeks of taking Male Extra.  

3.Will I lose my results if I stop taking it?

Answer-The ingredients are designed to extend blood flow to your penis, supplying you with bigger, harder, longer lasting erections, also as boosting your drive . you’ll only enjoy these effects as long as you retain taking Male Extra.

4.Is Male Extra safe?

Answer-Yes. Male Extra contains only natural, 100% safe and cause no known side effects.

5.Are there any side effects?

Answer-No, there are no known side effects from Male Extra.

Final Verdict

If you are suffering from small size penis, low libido, poor orgasm, weak erection, etc. Then this is one of the best solutions to your sufferings.

This pill works on enlarging the penis size, improving the level of libido, strengthen the erection like hard rock, and gives you the enjoyment of maximum orgasm.

It makes extraction of testosterone hormone to an increased level. All the reactions taking place due to their application are friendly for human health and all these results from the reaction of the organic ingredients with the organic chemical, hormone, enzyme within the body surrounding the penile area.

Because of the organic compounds sex enhancing pill does not give any harmful reaction or side effect.