Nowadays, athletes and bodybuilders are looking for a new way of improving cardio workouts and strength training.

You will find different training equipment in the market that supports both exercises. However, the exercise result depends on how much effort you put into each movement.

One device that stands out top over other devices is the Onnit HydroCore bag. This bag comes with an exceptional design and several grip points, allowing you to improve core strength, mobility, and coordination.

Through this Onnit HydroCore Bag review, you will learn how this bag is unique from traditional gym equipment. Also, the uses and benefits of this bag to get the best out of your cardio training.

What is Onnit HydroCore Bag?

The HydroCore bag is a piece of training equipment invented for MM Fighters, celebrities, and military personnel trainers by Maurizio Tangari. The concept of this device is quite similar to other traditional training gear “Bulgarian Bag.”

Ancient Eastern European wrestlers followed different methods to develop functional endurance, stability, and strength. For this, carrying small firm animals on their shoulder and back was one of those methods.

Thanks to the animal cruelty laws and technological advancements – HydroCore bag replaces livestock, and wrestlers don’t have to tote livestock anymore. It is a yoke-shaped plastic bladder and consists of a harness that is attached to oxen.

The difference between the Onnit Hydrocroe bag and the Bulgarian bag is that Onnit uses water while the Bulgarian bag uses sand for loading.

When this bag is lifted to perform different exercises, the water sloshes around in the bag, creating a motion called water dynamics. To train different athletic qualities, here, the bag controls your movement.

  • Rock-solid stability
  • Strength and explosiveness
  • Better results with less weight
  • Easily transportable training
  • Instant feedback

What Benefits does Onnit HydroCore Bag Offer?

Are you a martial artist or an athlete? A HydroCore bag is a must-have training gear that offers the below benefits to a bodybuilder.

Develops Rock-Solid Stability

With the water circulating inside the bag, you can move your body to any position. Your body alignment, the exercise form, and the control of the bag – you need to be extremely aware of all 3 and stop another unnecessary movement. This way, you can gain impressive balance and incredible stability.

When training with this bag, you have no other choice except maintaining balance and stability. You will lose control of yourself if you can’t.

Improves the Technique of Exercises

The wrong exercise technique may lead you to injury. So, performing the exercise properly is of utmost importance.

The purpose of the HydroCore bag is to let you familiarize yourself with proper exercise techniques. If you can exercise adequately, be sure that you will start feeling pain in different body parts.

You can’t perform dynamic moves such as the pendulum if you follow the wrong technique. So, mistakes can be identified immediately, and a prompt correction will happen. In the pendulum exercise technique, you can learn to move with the water momentum. Controlling the bag will be harder if the timing is not correct.

A good technique on bag exercise will translate into a better technique in your other lifts, as your body stability and awareness will improve.

Boosts Up Explosiveness and Awareness

As stated earlier, you can use a HydroCore bag for various movements; it is ideal for different dynamic exercises such as swing variations, snatch, and clean.

Now you might be wondering; these exercises can be done using a barbell. The truth is, with a HydroCore bag, having these exercises is much more effective. It is because you have to balance and accommodate the continuous shifting of the bag’s water. While you can’t do this with a barbell.

As a result, your training becomes practical and suitable for multiple sports such as wrestling, MMA, and football, where defeating a living and forcing life is mandatory.

Functional Grip Training

The HydroCore bag handle comes with a unique shape, and it is designed so that you have to be well-focused on the grip when training.

Since you can do exercises of different movement patterns with this bag, momentum and acceleration are involved in these exercises. The grip is extensively challenged compared to some other exercising techniques such as the sandbag, kettlebell, etc.

So, a wrestler has to grip the bag with great strength and balance that helps to improve the grip development. In fact, this bag is considered the pioneer device for grip training. With the improved grip strength, a user will gain success in sports like football, hanging, grappling sports, climbing, etc.

Lightweight & Portable

The Onnit HydroCore bag is lightweight and highly portable. Thus, if you are a travel geek and want to do some cardio training while traveling, this would be a great choice.

Virtually, it is weightless and easy to fold. Thus, it can easily be stored in a suitcase. With minimal loading, this bag offers good workouts.

Both men and women can use it for building muscle. Also, a beginner can have the sessions under the supervision of an advanced trainee.

Overall, the Onnit HydroCore Bag helps you in the following:

  • Improves overall agility and strength
  • Builds core musculature [1]
  • Encourages joint mobility
  • Develops quickness

How to Workout with the Onnit HydroCore Bag?

You can follow the below workouts using the HydroCore bag. Follow the beginner routine if you never used a HydroCore bag, sandbag, or Bulgarian bag. Here we shared exercises for beginners and advanced wrestlers.

Option A: Beginner Workout

Sequentially perform each of the exercises that we mentioned below. In every move, do 20 seconds reps and 10 seconds for the others. Total 30 seconds is one round. Continue the same for 3 to 5 rounds.


Exercise# 1: Lunge with Twist

Step 01: Grab the handle of the bag, rest it on your shoulder by holding it in front of your chest. Remember to keep the bag and floor in a parallel position throughout the training.


Step 02: Now, take a big step forward and into a lunge, lower your body. Your back knee should be positioned just 1 or 2 inches above the floor. Also, the lunging legs, thigh, and floor need to be paralleled to each other.


Step 03: Once your knee touches the floor, twist your body to either the right or left side. At this time, your torso requires to be positioned upright. Now, back to your initial position. Follow the same process on the other leg.

Exercise# 2: Pushup with the Bag

Step# 01:

  1. Place the bag on the flat surface.
  2. Keep the horn ends pointing towards you.
  3. Put your hands on the HydroCore bag and get into a pushup position.
  4. Brace your body.


Step 02: Your pelvis, spine, and head must be well-aligned. Now keep lowering your body towards the bag, and don’t stop until your chest touches the bag. Once touched, slowly return to the starting position.

Exercise# 03: Bent Over Row

Step 01: Grab the bed with both hands and keep your arms extended. Then lean towards bending your hips back. At the same time, your pelvis, spine, and head must be well-aligned. Also, the torso and floor need to be paralleled to each other.


Step 02: Now, explosively pull the bag back and forth towards your belly. The inside water of the bag will slosh. Ensure balancing your body when doing this exercise.

Option B: Beginner Bag Workout

Sequentially perform each of the exercises that we mentioned below. In every move, do 20 seconds reps and 10 seconds for the others. Total 30 seconds is one round. Continue the same for 3 to 5 rounds.


Step 01: Grab the handle of the bag, rest it on your shoulder by holding it in front of your chest. Keep your shoulder and hip wide apart when standing on your feet.


Step 02: Now, sit back and squat down as much as possible. When doing so, keep your pelvis, spine, and head well-aligned. Also, when you return to the initial position, your glutes should be squeezed.


Step 03: Then lockout by pressing the HydroCore overhead. Keep your core engaged and ribs down.


Exercise# 2: Suitcase Box

Step 01: Get a sturdy box, and stand on it. This way, some space will be created between you and the floor. Grab one of the rubberized handles. Now following the “Bent Over Row” exercise, bend your hip.


Step 02: Next, explosively row the bag by your side and control the slosh of the water when doing so. Keep your torso and body well-balanced. Continue the process for 10 seconds. Then switch to the other side and follow the same process.

Option C# Advanced Bag Workout


Sequentially perform each of the exercises that we mentioned below. In every move, do 20 seconds reps and 10 seconds for the others. Total 30 seconds is one round. Continue the same for 3 to 5 rounds.

However, if you feel fatigued, strain, or tired, slow down the exercise process.


Exercise# 01: Halo

Step 01: Firmly grip the HydroCore by its side and create a full circle from left to right and right to left around your head. Pull down your ribs and ensure your core is engaged. Don’t let your torso twist or bend.


Exercise# 02: Pendulum Swing

Step 01: Stand on your feet by keeping shoulder-width apart. In this exercise, you have to hold the bag with its rope handles. Now, swing the bag to your left, and when you do so, your right foot must be pivoted.

While you bend, tilt your torso slightly down so that the bag wraps around your upper back.


Step 02: Follow the same process to the other side.


Exercise# 03: Overhead Press with One Arm

Step 01: Grab the HydroCore at your shoulder level with one hand. The horns should be pointed downwards.


Step 02: While keeping the core braced and ribs down, press the HydroCore overhead. On one side, do the reps for a maximum of 20 seconds. Next, switch to other sides and continue the same process.

How Do You Fill an Onnit HydroCore Bag?

As you already know, the Onnit HydroCore Bag is exercise equipment filled with water. However, the bag is not pre-filled; you have to fill it after receiving it.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for filling the bag.


Step 01: Take the bag near to a water source. On the bag’s left side, you will find a valve. Turn it counter-clockwise to unscrew the cap.


Step 02: Steadily hold the bag using one hand when filling the bag. According to your expected level, let the water fill the bag.

For beginners, fill the bag up to one-quarter. For better understanding, you can weigh the bag. 10lbs. is the recommended weight for beginners. While 20lbs. would be best for advanced wrestlers. The maximum weight capacity of the bag is 35lbs. To get the best benefit of the bag, the recommended water level is ¼ – ½.


Step 03: After you fill the bag to your expected level, the next task is to fill it up with air by pumping to make it firm. For this, the nozzle attachment needs to be placed on the valve and locked by turning. On the front, put your mouth and press downward. Then, blow air into the bag. After putting air into it, your downward pressure needs to be released so that air can be prohibited from escaping from the valve.

The same process requires to be followed until the bag gets firm. Before closing the valve, press the HydroCore to make sure air is not escaping from it.


Step 04: Now, place the cap in its position to close the valve and turn it clockwise. It is advisable not to start exercising until the valve is tightly closed.

How to Empty the Onnit HydroCore Bag?

Don’t assume that with a single fill, you can use the bag for your lifetime. You may need to empty it when water reduces from its expected level. So, how to do that? Follow the below steps.


Step 01: Take the Onnit HydroCore bag to a place where a proper drainage system is available. Under the Onnit logo, you will find a valve; turn the cap counter-clockwise to open.


Step 02: Push the plunger down to the valve center; thus, the valve will open.


Step 03: Then, the bag needs to be turned upside-down for draining the water. Next, press the bag gently so that air can get out of the bag.

What Maintenance Tips Do I Need to Follow for the Longevity of the Onnit HydroCore Bag?

When you don’t take proper care of a product, be sure that the item’s lifespan will decline. The Onnit HydroCore Bag is also no exception. Follow the below maintenance tips meticulously to get long-term service.


  • If you plan to leave the bag filled with water for a prolonged period, the water can get uncleaned. To avoid this, you can use a homemade solution. Mix a little amount of baking soda, bleach, or vinegar into the water of the HydroCore bag. This will kill the bacteria, and the water’s appearance will remain good for many days.
  • When storing, store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Never freeze the water you store in the HydroCore bag.
  • When doing pushups, keep the Onnit logo and valve facing up.
  • Avoid slamming the bag to the floor forcefully.
  • Don’t drag the bag over a rough surface.
  • Before using the bag, inspect the surroundings for sharp objects like pins, nails, etc.


If you don’t follow the above tips, damage and leakage may appear in the bag.


How can I safely use an Onnit HydroCore Bag?

Find an expert instructor when using Onnit HydroCore Bag for your training purposes.

Also, start with low weight. Slowly increase the weight of the bag by adding more water. However, it is recommended not to surpass the recommended water level.


Where to buy Onnit HydroCore Bag?

In order to buy the original product, visit the official website:

Remember, the company will not be liable if you buy a wrong Onnit HydroCore Bag from other shops or online stores except the original website.


How was the Onnit HydroCore Bag manufactured?

Typically, the Onnit HydroCore Bag is a plastic bladder. The plastic is so thick and rugged that you will get several years of service when proper maintenance tips are followed.


How much water is enough?

To get the best benefits from the bag, it is necessary to know the expected water level according to the manufacturer’s manual. Fill up the bag with one-quarter water, which is ideal for new users.

For a wide range of uses, ¼ – ½ water level is the best.

Final Words

Hopefully, by reading this Onnit Hydrocore Bag review, you have gathered enough information about this water-filled bag. It is special exercise equipment, allowing you to achieve rock-solid stability, explosiveness, and strength.

The product is made of high-quality materials that will give you prolonged years of service when you follow the right maintenance tips. More importantly, it is an on-the-go item due to its lightweight and portable characteristics.

So, get this exercise equipment and gain impressive stability and attractive body fitness.