In recent times, in every men’s magazine or forum, penis extenders are pretty popular topic. Also, men wonder whether it is possible to increase the penis length and straighten it if it is curved. Can a single device do all these things?

The most surprising thing is; penis stretcher devices are not new in the market. These devices are roaming for the last 20 years. Gentile extenders assist your penis to grow by stretching it gradually. After using these devices for a few months, your penis length and girth will increase by a significant amount.

Unfortunately, all penis extenders are not built following the highest quality standards. As a result, prospective buyers can lead themselves to buy a cheap and inferior quality product.

To help them make a precise decision, in this write-up, I will be talking about one of the best penis extenders – Quick Extender PRO.

This device is a much safer and painless option than alternatives. Also, you can save a lot of money because you don’t need to undergo surgery to increase your penis size.

Hence, the review I will be writing is based on my experience. By reading this Quick Extender PRO review, you will learn:


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  • What is Quick Extender PRO
  • How does it work
  • Benefits and side effects
  • Where to buy

And many more.
Let’s read intently.

Quick Extender PRO is a company that manufactures enlargement devices known as traction machines. Penis traction is an efficient method to improve the length and girth of the penis.

One of the best things about this device is, it helps to correct the curvature (Peyronie’s disease [1] ) of the penis over time. Another worth-mentioning thing is, it is comfortable and medically safe to use. Moreover, the device confirms 100% results.

Many users of other penis extenders state that they feel allergic reactions after wearing their selected extenders. You will love to know; Quick Extender PRO doesn’t offer any allergic reaction.

More importantly, it creates 4000g of tension to deliver an effective result, which means this device is highly powerful.
In a nutshell, Quick Extender PRO is a penis enlargement device that comes with the below features

  • Medically 100% safe
  • No discomfort feeling
  • Effective solution for Peyronie patients
  • No allergic reaction
  • Generates as much as 4000g tension

How to Assemble Quick Extender PRO?

Assembling QEP is quite effortless. I followed the instruction manual, and within a few minutes, I assembled the device correctly. To learn the assembly process, follow the below bullet points.

  • First, the snap ring needs to be removed from the box.
  • Install the aluminum-made spring rod straight to the ring. If you decide to use a penis stretcher to treat curvature, you will require additional rotary aluminum rods.
  • If the pull rod’s length is not enough, use the provided extension cord.
  • If you feel unpleasant, install the included polyurethane linings before attaching the bed. This will give you comfort for sure.
  • Attach the bed on the fixed rods.
  • Finally, the silicone harness will create a loop grip; this needs to be inserted into the bed openings.

The Quick Extender PRO will be ready to use once you follow the steps mentioned earlier meticulously. You should read the instruction manual every time whenever you face any hassle during the assembling process.

How Does Quick Extender PRO Work?

Similar to all other penis traction devices, Quick Extender PRO also provides a controlled and consistent stretching action to the penis shaft. You will require to wear this device for a few hours regularly – based on how fast you need the outcome.

Every man wants to get a permanent result, and Quick Extender PRO ensures that you will get 100% long-lasting results after wearing it. After using this device, you will tolerate anything you gain, and once you are satisfied with the result, you can stop wearing it.


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So, what is the working process of Quick Extender PRO? First, find the below step-by-step process.

Step 01: Buy and Start Wearing Quick Extender PRO

First, buy a Quick Extender PRO and start wearing it. The essential thing is, wear the device for a period of time.

Some wear it regularly, while some take a day off. To achieve the expected result, consider the reaction of your body. Similarly, ask yourself, within how many days you need the result. But it is advisable not to overlook the suggested instructions provided by the manufacturer.

You will get a sensation like persistent and light stretching after wearing it. You will feel a bit of discomfort in the beginning, but it will go away quickly once you get familiarized with the device.

Step 02: Promotes Blood Flow in the Penis and Microscopic Tear Happens of the Cell

Looking at the headline, don’t think that the process is painful. The magic happens when the cell divides itself into 2 due to the provided tension. In fact, the micro-tearing process of the cell is fully painless and invisible to the naked eye—meanwhile, blood flow in the penis increases. So if you ever feel bruised wearing this device, be sure that you are providing excessive tension, going fast, and wearing the device for more than the required time.  

Step 03: Automatic Repair Happens to the Micro-tears, Thus Your Penis Increases

Once micro-tears start, your body creates new tissues following the cytokinesis and mitosis process. Then, the cells divide themselves several times until the micro-tears are restored, and tissue growth will occur. This process is similar to building body muscle that we gain after doing properly designed workouts.

How to Wear Quick Extender PRO?

Wearing QEP is effortless, and I didn’t face any trouble wearing this device. I read the instruction manual first and followed every instruction carefully. I am sharing the wearing process of QEP in the points below.

  • First, the length of the barbells needs to adjust according to your penis size.


  • Now grab the comfort pad, attach it as described in the instruction manual. Memory foam is used to manufacture these pads. So, the pads will adapt themselves automatically to your penis’s physical features and customize the fit comfortably.


  • Buying any extra comfort products such as powder, tourniquets, or bandages is entirely unnecessary. The device is attached to the penis using 2 comfortable loops. Make sure not to tighten the loops. Tight them according to your comfort level.


  • After the device is worn, the tension needs to adjust. In order to adjust the tension, reread the instruction manual. Adjustment needs to be made gradually, don’t rush. Remember not to increase the tension when you feel any pain.

What Are the Benefits of Quick Extender PRO?

The initial condition of getting benefits from Quick Extender PRO is, you have to wear it constantly. Otherwise, the expected result will be unachieved.

Based on my personal experience, I got the below benefits.


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⦁ Natural Increase of the Penis Size


Your penis size will increase  [4] naturally for sure after you wear Quick Extender PRO. This is because the device follows a proven formula or technique of penis traction. But, more importantly, the result is long-lasting in most cases.


⦁ Solution of Curved Penis


Although I never experienced a curved penis problem, many physicians [3] or sexologists expressed that Quick Extender PRO is an effective solution to make your penis a straight one.

Also, much scientific evidence shows this device is pretty efficient in correcting the penis shape.


⦁ Satisfied Bed Time


I had a fantastic bedtime with my partner. Since I have a large penis now, I am more confident in the bed, increasing my comfort level.

Simultaneously, my partner is also happy because the time of sexual intercourse has increased. So it is just a fantastic experience for me.

Thanks to the Quick Extender PRO, satisfying bedtime is new for my partner and me, and we are enjoying it.


⦁ Handles Peyronie’s


Much research has been done until now, and it is found that Quick Extender PRO handles Peyronie’s disease proficiently when the device is worn regularly.

Many people can get rid of Peyronie’s disease by taking assistance from Quick Extender PRO.

Why is Quick Extender PRO Successful?

QEP is booming due to several reasons. Also, it offers effective results, which makes it much more popular than other penis extenders.

  • Product design is the prime reason for its success. Due to its user-friendly design, I never feel discomfort wearing it.


  • The used materials in this product are of top-notch quality. This device will never malfunction.


  • If you are unaware of the microscopic tear process, you might feel that it may damage your penis. Initially, I was worried about this too. Thanks to God for that, I decided to buy QEP. After using this device for 6 months regularly, I received impressive results.


  • Don’t think that QEP will be heavy on your penis. The truth is, I didn’t feel any trouble or problem wearing it. The rods are made of aluminum which is famous for its lightweight feature. QEP is light and doesn’t cause any deterrent.


  • The manufacturer adds Dual support in this device so that it doesn’t get misplaced after wearing. While other extenders don’t come with this feature, and those get slipped from time to time.

Where to Buy Quick Extender PRO?

QEP comes with several packages and models. You can choose any of the packages according to your preference and budget.

Visit Quick Extender PRO’s official website and grab any of the below packages.

1. Deluxe Limited Edition

This package consists of several replacement parts. Also, it offers high tension than any other QEP packages. It will cost you $349.93. You will find below accessories in this package:

⦁ DSS system
⦁ Storage case
⦁ Rizer XL, 3-month supply
⦁ Spring set for Tension
⦁ Booster pump
⦁ Comfort pads
⦁ Tubes
⦁ Pads
⦁ Bars
⦁ DVDs
⦁ Mobile case
⦁ Measurement tape
⦁ Self-progress chart
⦁ Guide Cards
⦁ Warranty card for 6 months

The QEP Deluxe Limited Edition creates 4000g of tension, and it helps you to achieve a fast result.


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2. Standard Edition


Deluxe Standard Edition is the most sold package. Although you will not get the required tension as much as Deluxe Limited Edition, the effective result will be confirmed. Its price is $179.93.

⦁ DSS system
⦁ Bunch of springs
⦁ Rizel XL, supply for 1-month
⦁ Pivots and bars
⦁ Carrying case
⦁ Tubes
⦁ Pads
⦁ Guide Cards
⦁ DVDs
⦁ Self-progress chart
⦁ Measurement chart
⦁ Warranty for 1-month

This package generates 3500g of tension. For most men, this is good enough tension for a successful result.


3. QEP Value Edition


It receives the Value Edition name because of its affordable price range. The extension capability of this edition is not as great as other packages. The price of this package is $119.93. This package includes the below accessories:

⦁ DSS system
⦁ 3000g springs
⦁ ​​Bars and pivots
⦁ ​​Tubes
⦁ ​​Pads ​​
⦁ Carrying case

⦁ Tape measure
⦁ Self-progress chart
⦁ Guide cards
⦁ DVDs
⦁ $100 voucher for Rizer XL

Don’t assume that, due to its affordable price, it doesn’t provide effective results. In fact, whatever package you select, QEP promises to deliver effective results all the time.


4. Curvature & Peyronies Edition


This package is ideal for those who are looking for a treatment option for curvature and Peyronie’s disease. These 2 issues are significant for men because a man’s sex life can be ruined if any of these diseases attacks. The good news is, this package offers a solution to curvature and Peyronies. You will get the below accessories costing only $179.99.

⦁ DSS system
⦁ 4000g tension Springs
⦁ Bars, pads, and pivots
⦁ Tubes
⦁ Carrying case
⦁ Vitamin E
⦁ Measurement tape
⦁ Self-progress chart
⦁ Guide cards
⦁ DVDs
⦁ Pouch
⦁ Memory foam
⦁ Warranty for 6-months

This package helps many men immensely. It has a proven track record that your curvature and Peyronie’s disease will surely solve it.

Is QEP’s Tennis Traction Safe?

Yes, Quick Extender PRO is 100% safe, but the condition is, you have to make sure to wear it following the instruction manual. Follow the below fundamental rules.

  • Don’t be too much aggressive during the treatment
  • Start slowly and increase the tension week by week
  • Listen to your body when setting the tension level
  • Don’t misuse the device to experience a comfortable wear
  • Initially, don’t wear the device for a more extended session

If you don’t follow the above rules, damage can happen to your penis. Even medical attention may require it.

Does Quick Extender Pro have any Proven Track Record?

Dr. Paolo Gontero, a senior urologist and lecturer at the University of Turin, conducted a recent study on the effectiveness of Quick Extender PRO. According to the survey, penis length increased up to 32% once the device was regularly used for a few months. [2]

Years of research and development of QEP has been done to provide permanent results and correct penile curvature. The best thing is, when doing it, safety and privacy are ensured fully.

Does Quick Extender PRO have any Side Effects?

At the beginning of wearing this device, you may feel some pain, which is the only consequence of Quick Extender PRO. However, this side effect is relatively minimal compared to what it can bring you positively.

Quick Extender PRO Replacement Parts & Accessories

You can buy Quick Extender PRO replacement parts and accessories according to your requirement. Here I am sharing a list of few accessories which will be beneficial in achieving maximum gain.

1# Quick Extender PRO Booster Penis Pump


Booster pump increases pressure in the penis to accelerate the blood flow. This medical grade booster pump ensures maximum flow rate of the blood in your penis so that the expected gain is achieved.



  • Increase blood flow in the penis
  • Medical grade product


2# 4 Specially Calibrated Springs


This accessory is sold along with the Quick Extender PRO Deluxe Limited Edition. It will be a significant upgrade for this who bought the Value or Standard Edition. These springs are calibrated to provide maximum tension of 4000g.



  • Creates 4000g tension
  • Calibrated springs


3# Extension Bars – Variety Pack


The best thing about these extension bars is, they are made of aluminum. Thus, these are lightweight and will not add any extra weight in the device.



  • 6 large aluminum bars
  • 4 medium aluminum bars
  • 2 extra small aluminum extension bars


4# 6 Pack Standard Comfort Padding


Comfortability is a must when you wear a penis extender and it is confirmed with the comfort pad. These comfort pads are made from memory foam to give you utmost comfort after wearing Quick Extender PRO.



  • 6 medical-grade silicone tube
  • 6 medical-grade memory foam comfort pads


5# Double Strap System – Upgrade Kit


At an affordable price, you will get a variety of items to upgrade your Quick Extender PRO.


  • 1 Uniquely designed double strap Glan support piece
  • 6 Medical Grade Silicone tubes
  • 6 sets of Medical Grade specialized comfort padding
  • 6 Large aluminum bars
  • 4 Medium Aluminum bars
  • 6 Small Aluminum bars
  • 2 Extra Small Aluminum Extension Bars

Quick Extender PRO Final Review

In summary, I am fully satisfied with the provided result of Quick Extender PRO.

In fact, this device saved me from slipping into hopelessness. It is because I wasn’t happy in bed as well as my partner. Literally, I was torn apart.

When one of my friends recommended it, I was pretty unsure about its effectiveness. But my friend told me that he got an effective result, so I decided to try. And after 6 months of regular use, now my penis length and girth have increased. As a result, I am able to satisfy my wife every time.

Hopefully, this Quick Extender PRO review will also help you to make a precise decision. Buy this penis stretcher, be more confident and become a better performer in the bed.

Hence, the device worked on me effectively, and it will work on most of the men as per the research

Overall, it is a great penis stretcher that offers a money-back guarantee, outstanding customer support, and available at a wallet-friendly price.