Don’t get disappointed thinking that you are the only man having a smaller dick. The truth is, significantly fewer % of men around the world are satisfied with their penis size.

Every man wants to own a bigger penis because they think “larger size means more satisfaction.” Who doesn’t want to satisfy his bed partner?

That is why every year, thousands of millions of men search in Google, writing, “how to increase penis size [1]?” Google shows them the below answers.


  • Extenders
  • Hanging device
  • Pills
  • Pumps
  • Surgery
Since the penis is a sensitive area and experimenting with it is prohibited, it would be best to choose the safest and proven method, penis extender. .

Undoubtedly, “EXTENDERS” is the best among all methods because it is scientifically proven [2]. Don’t jump with the answer and rush to the market for buying any penis extender from the market because most extenders offer ZERO RESULTS.

You will find a few penis extender from the huge amount of penis extenders which will give you the expected result.

The good news is, Sizegenetics is a medical-grade penis extender that provides the strongest traction power to give you a better-shaped dick.

So, is it the best penis extender in the market?

Let’s learn more through this sizegenetics review article.

How Size-Genetics Work?

The working process of size genetics extender is similar to other penis extenders.

The key difference is; it creates a powerful and right amount of traction power compared to others for the growth of the dick and girth.

Step 01: Light Stretching of Penis


After you put on the device, it will consistently provide firm stretching to the dick [3]. It is known as the penis traction process.

Although stretching your penis sounds scary, there is nothing to be afraid of and it is a proven way to increase the size of your penis.

The whole process is completely pain-free. You will never face discomfort; even your male organ functionality will never be interrupted and you’ll have a great sex life.

In order to get the expected result, the device needs to wear for approximately 3 – 6 months to get the expected penis size. However, the period depends on the expected result.

Step 02: Micro Tearing of the Penis Tissue


Due to the provided traction power, micro-tearing happens to the tissues [4] of dick. It forms around the shaft. You don’t need to be worried because it is pain-free from the beginning to last. You can compare the entire process to the growth of muscle mass when exercising.

Microscopic tears are not visible in naked eyes. So, nobody won’t be able to realize about your penis exercise.

Penis tissue has micro gaps. These tissues start splitting into micro-tears and fill up those gaps as much as possible. Generally, the process is called MITOSIS.

Step 03: Cell Division Process


The MITOSIS process is pretty simple and fully natural. Until the micro gas are filled, and your penis is healed, the process continues.

Regular stretching of your penis will ensure consistent cell division. This means the growth of your penis will continue if you wear the device daily. More importantly, proportional growth will happen, both length and girth wise [5].

Step 04: Large Penis


As stated earlier, for the expected result, regular exercise is required for 3 – 6 months. The process is far cheaper and convenient than surgery [6], pills, pumps or hanging devices. Moreover, the expected result is guaranteed.

Sizegentics offer permanent results and follow a painless process. You have to be patient and follow the instructions as mentioned in the manual.

Sizegenetics Clinical Testing

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The SizeGenetics Extender can be a medical (non-surgical) indication for treatment with penile

How to Use Sizegenetics?

It is a small device and recommended to wear when your penis is soft. Following the below step by step process and safety features, you can use it.
  •  Wash your penis and use a cloth to dry it thoroughly. Wait until it reaches the semi-straight position.


  • The device has a base ring. Insert your dick through it. Secure fastening of the device to the penis base can be done using the plastic ring and the flexible silicone ring.


  • Then, the device’s comfort pad needs to be strapped. Next, secure the head by pulling down the loop carefully.


  • Now, adjust the traction level. You can do this by taking assistance from the 2 parallel bars along the shaft’s length. If you need to increase the tension, simply turn the knob on the way to your member.
While using the device, make sure the below points.
  • You must attach the device at your penis end.
  • Wear loose clothing when using it because the device is ideally invisible under loose clothes.

Do I Need to Follow Safety Tips When Wearing Sizegenetics?

Yes, a few safety tips need to be followed mandatorily and can’t be overlooked.
  • After unboxing, check if the comfort strap is available. Without the comfort strap, using the product will be painful.


  • Gently tighten the strap so that the penis stays in its place comfortably. Don’t pressure too much; you may feel discomfort.


  • Initially, don’t wear the device for 4 hours continuously. Give a break after 2 hours of use, wait for 30 – 60 minutes, then again wear it for 2 hours. Increase the total hour from 4 to 6 only when you will get familiar with the sensation.


  • Never plan to wear this device when you are in bed. If you do so, injuries or accidents can happen by getting twisted in the sheets. Wear it in the daytime so that you can supervise it.


  • After 6 days of continuous wearing, give your penis a day rest. This will ensure the highest effectiveness.


  • Provide light massage after taking off the device. You can use Vitamin E oil for this. Avoid smoking and drinking to simplify the outcome.

Benefits of Sizegenetics

Sizegenetics offer a lot of benefits. More importantly, according to the sizegenetics extender users experience, sizegenetics review very well and these advantages has been listed. Let’s read below to know the advantages.

Expected Result


Buying a penis extender means you expect about getting a good result. You will love to know that this device delivers the same as it is advertised.

Within 2 months, you will experience a 13% increase of your penis. After 6 months, a 29% increase will happen to your dick. All in all, it offers an impressive result that other penis extenders don’t.



Premium quality materials are used to manufacture this device and totally hypoallergenic, making it a skin-friendly device. It means, without any hesitation, you can use this device.

FDA Approved


The essential thing is approved by the FDA, which ensures that sizegenetics is safe to use.

Clinically Tested


Everybody wants to buy and use a penis extender with a proven track record and clinically tested.

Enough clinical tests have been done to prove that sizegenetics work better than other penis extenders. That is why it is different and efficient enough in providing a significant result.

Comfortable Wear


Since it is advised to wear this device for a few hours, comfort matters regularly. Even it matters a lot.

Wearing and taking it off is so convenient and straightforward that you won’t face any issue. Also, you can do your regular work wearing this device.

The more important thing is; nobody will ever know that you are wearing an extender in your penis. The device is ideally not visible when worn under loose clothing.

Side Effects of Sizegenetics

Using sizegenetics, you will never feel discomfort or pain. Then what are the side effects of this product? We pointed them out below.

Patient & Commitment is a Must


Without patience and commitment, achieving the best result with this device is impossible. Continuous wearing of 6 months will give you the optimum result.


Cold Metal Bars


The product contains a few metal parts. Some users feel discomfort because of the cold sensation of these parts. However, after some days of use, this sensation becomes familiar.

What to Expect from Sizegenetics?

The expectation of using this device depends on the below factors.


  • What is the initial penis size?
  • How much traction did you use?
  • What is your daily schedule of using the device?


Before using the device:


1. Measure your penis size.
2. Choose the traction level according to your comfort.
3. Wear it daily for at least 4 hours initially.
4. Once you are familiar with the device, increase the time to 6 hours.

After 10 months, you will see the below improvement.

[wptb id=1143]
In 2016, Dr. M Hinder from the Swiss Journal of Urology experimented with this device on 24 men of 21 – 60 years old to learn the effectiveness of sizegenetics.


Users wear this device for 8 hours a day and 6 months, according to the instruction manual. They end up with the below result.


7.8cm increase of the Flaccid length
3.7cm increase of the Erect length
3.9cm increase of the Girth length

Sizegenetics Review Reddit

Sizegenetics Vs Other Penile Extenders

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When Should I Stop Wearing Sizegenetics?

After achieving your expected result, you can stop wearing this penis extender anytime.

However, don’t stop wearing it suddenly; if you do so, you may feel discomfort. We advice you to reduce your wearing schedule gradually per week.

  • For the 1st week, wear it for 6 hours and 5 days a week
  • For the 2nd week, wear it for 4 hours and 3 days a week
  • For the 3rd week, wear it for 2 hours and 1 day a week

This way, within 1 month, you can stop wearing the device.

Where to Buy Sizegenetics?

You will need to visit the official website of the company to buy the sizegenetics device.

Be noted that the original device is only available on the official website. If you find it at Amazon or eBay, be sure that the product is fake and the quality will never match the website product’s quality.

The device comes in 3 packages. Buy any of the package according to your choice from the official website.

Basic Package


Upon buying the penis extender basic package, you will get the below items.


  • The device
  • How to Use Instruction DVD
  • 58-way comfort pad and strap
  • Elongation Bars – 1” & 2”
No additional accessories are in this package.

Don’t think that without these gears, you can still effectively use the extender without an issue. Use a customized comfort pad to make the wearing session comfortable.

Advanced Comfort Package


This package includes the below items


  • Extender device
  • How to Use Instruction DVD
  • 58-way comfort system
  • A few spare parts
  • Lengthening Bar – 3 sets
  • Customized leather case

Ultimate Package


This ultimate system package has everything available to make your using session more comfortable.


  • Extender device
  • Instruction DVD
  • 58-way comfort system
  • All spare parts
  • Free anti-bacterial wipes
  • Lockable leather case
  • Moisturizer cream for penis
  • Traction powder
Sizegenetics offer a full 6- months money-back guarantee. If the device doesn’t work or, for any reason, you can return it to the manufacturer.

Sizegenetics Before and After

Sizegenetics Customer Review

I’ve been using it 5 hours a day for the last five months. It was 5″ when I started – now it is 6.5″ and still growing. My erections are stronger, harder, longer lasting and my orgasms and ejaculations are now more intense. Very satisfied!

I had a similar experience, I have a girlfriend that I meet occasionaly (every two or three months). The total gain is now 1,5 cm (I dont use it everyday) and she told me: “I think that it is bigger today…”



What are the Other Comfort Accessories from Sizegenetics?

By visiting the official website of sizegenetics, you can buy a few extra accessories like traction powder, moisturizer, or cleaning wipes to extend your manhood.

1.Sizegenetics Custom Velcro Strap


This item is a combo of the below things


  • Protection Pad – 01 pcs
  • Front piece slot – 01 pcs
  • Velcro fastening – 01 pcs



  • Allowing you to adjust the tension seamlessly
  • You can provide precise pressure

2.Sizegenetics Accelerate Kit


This is a silicone-based cream that needs to be used after using the extender device. It keeps your skin moisturized. Your skin condition will remain good when you use it regularly.



  • Smooths your skin
  • It kills fungus, yeasts and bacteria

3.Sizegentics Ruler/Measurer


In order to measure the result of using the penis extender, you will need to measure it. To make your measuring task comfortable, a ruler/measurer is available in the sizegenetics shop.



  • Accurate measuring of degree (angle)
  • Precise measuring of the length in cm and inch

4.Sizegenetics Comfort Accessory Pack


This package contains the below accessories.


  • Front Piece (Dual Function) – 01 pcs
  • Silicon Tube – 02 pcs
  • Protech (no-slip) – 01 pcs
  • Advanced Comfort Plaster
  • manufactured by 3M – 01 pcs
  • Gauze (Cohesive) – 01 pcs
  • Plaster – 02 pcs



  • Silicon tube is a flexible material, assisting you to get the required tension level
  • Cohesive gauze is easy to removable and washable

5.Sizegenetics Cohesive Gauze


This is a 6 pack Cohesive gauze. You can use 1 roll for 4 – 6 times. Wrap up the Cohesive gauze around the glans back for 2 – 3 times and place the strap right on the top of it.



  • Enhance grip and decrease slipping
  • Increase comfort

6.Zestra Essential Arousal Oils


It is specially designed for women. This oil is a combo of botanical extracts and oils.


  • Offers long-lasting result up to 45 minutes
  • Works within 5 minutes and highly sensitive to touch

7.Sizegenetics Accelerate Traction Powder


This traction power will help you get a better result when using the extender device and offer the below benefits.



  • Absorbs skin moisture
  • It helps the extender to stay in premium condition

8.Sizegenetics Basal Rings


The basal ring is a spare part of the sizegenetics penis extender device is available at an affordable price range.



  • Assist in adjusting the produced force
  • ⦁ Provides comfort when wearing the extender

Final Words

After many clinical trials, with several proven track records and outstanding reviews, sizegenetics is one of the best penis extenders in the market.

Since it is FDA approved and safe to use, many medical experts prescribe it to those who are looking for an option to increase the size of his penis [7].

Don’t hesitate to use the device. It is 100% safe, has no severe side effects, reliable and popular for delivering the expected result.

Hopefully, after reading this sizegenetics review, you are now interested to buy this dick extender.

Happy Sex Life with your wife and girlfriend